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Supported File Formats

This page lists the data type formats ER2 detects during a scan.

Live Databases

For more information, see Databases.

Email File Formats

For more information, see Email Locations

Email Platforms

For more information, see Email Locations.

Export Formats for Compliance Reporting

You can export compliance reports in these formats:

For more information, see Reports.

File Formats

Type Formats
Compressed bzip2, Gzip (all types), TAR, Zip (all types)
Databases Access, DBase, SQLite, MSSQL MDF & LDF
Images BMP, FAX, GIF, JPG, PDF (embedded), PNG, TIFF
Microsoft Backup Archive Microsoft Binary / BKF
Microsoft Office

v5, 6, 95, 97, 2000, XP, 2003 onwards

Masking a match in XLSX files masks all instances of that match in the file. The XLSX format saves repeated values in a shared string table. Masking a string saved in that table masks all instances of that string in the XLSX file.
Open Source Star Office / Open Office / Libre Office
Open Standards PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, CSV, TXT

Network Storage Scans

For more information, see Network Storage Locations.

Payment Cards