Documentation Version: er2.0.28-docs-1.1

Install the Master Server

To install the Master Server:

  1. Download the Installer.
  2. Run the Installer.
  3. Activate ER2.
Master Server as Software Appliance

The Master Server is a software appliance. This means that the Master Server installer includes an operating system. You do not have to install the operating system separately when installing the Master Server.

Instead, load the ISO image on bootable media such as a USB stick or a DVD, and use it to install the Master Server directly on bare-metal or a virtual machine.

See Install ER2 On a Virtual Machine for instructions on installing ER2 on a virtual machine.

Download the Installer

The installer is a bootable ISO image that installs the Master Server on your machine.

Before you start, check the System Requirements to ensure that the ER2 Master Server can run on your machine.
  1. Log into the Ground Labs Services Portal.
  2. From the Home tab, go to the Enterprise Recon 2.0 section and click Download to download the Enterprise Master Package Appliance ISO file.

Run the Installer

  1. On your machine, load the ER2 installation media.
  2. (Optional) To run a memory test, select Troubleshooting and press Enter.
  3. Select Install Enterprise Recon 2.0.28 and press Enter.
  4. In the Installation Configuration page, configure the following settings:
  5. Settings Description


    Set the date, time format and time zone for the Master Server.

    Region: Asia, City: Singapore
    Scan schedules are based on the Master Server system time. If your Master Server system time does not match the system time of Agent hosts, your scans will not run as scheduled.
    When you View Agents using the Agent Manager, a warning is displayed if the system time of an Agent host does not match the Master Server system time.


    Select the keyboard layouts to use.


    Select languages to install.


    ER2 encrypts the disk that the Master Server is installed on. This passphrase decrypts the disk every time you start up the Master Server.

    Keep your passphrase in a secure place; you cannot start the Master Server without it. Ground Labs cannot help you recover your lost passphrase.
    1. Configure your network interfaces. Locally accessible interfaces are automatically detected and listed in the left panel of the installation window.
      Set the toggle button to ON to activate a network interface and click Configure to manually configure the network interface settings.
      You can re-configure the Master Server's network interface after the installation.
    2. Set the host name for your Master Server and click Apply.
    ROOT PASSWORD Set a root account password.
    This password is updated when you change the administrator password in the Web Console. For more information, see Update Administrator Account.
  6. Once you have finished configuring the Master Server, click Begin Installation.
  7. After the system reboots to complete the installation, enter your passphrase to access the Master Server.

Activate ER2

Once the Master Server has started, log into the Web Console to activate ER2.