Documentation Version: er2.0.28-docs-1.1

Web Console

The Web Console is the primary interface for managing and operating ER2.

Topics covered on this page:

Access Web Console

Access the Web Console by entering the host name or IP address of the Master Server in your browser's address bar.

Obtain the IP address of the Master Server IP by:

First Time Setup

After installing the Master Server, the administrator must:

  1. Log into the Web Console with default administrator credentials.
  2. Activate ER.
  3. Update Administrator Account.

Log In

The default administrator login is:

Activate ER

  1. On first login, ER2 prompts you to upload a new license file. Click Upload License File.
  2. In the Upload License File dialog box, click Choose File.
  3. Select the license file and click Upload to upload it.
    See Licensing on how to download your license file.
  4. Check that the details of the uploaded license file are correct. Click Commit License File.

Update Administrator Account

After activating ER2, you will be asked to update the details of the administrator account.

  1. In the Account Details dialog box, and click Save Changes.

    1. Email Address: Email for your administrator account.
      Your administrator account must have a valid email address to be able to receive notifications and password recovery emails.
    2. New Password: New password for the administrator account
    3. Confirm Password: Enter the new password again to confirm.
      Changing your administrator password here also changes your Master Server's root password.

User Login

Users can log in using credentials provided by their administrators.

A domain field appears if ER2 is using an imported Active Directory (AD) user list.

To log in using non-AD credentials, select No Domain.

Active Directory Login

You can set up ER2 to allow Active Directory logins. See Import A User List from AD DS.

To login using your Active Directory credentials:

  1. From the list, select a domain.
  2. Enter your Active Directory credentials and click Login.

Password Recovery

Click Forgot password? to receive an email to reset your password.

You cannot use Forgot password? to reset your password when:

If you cannot reset your password, check with your ER2 administrator.

Forgot password? does not reset Active Directory passwords. Contact your Active Directory administrator for issues with Active Directory logins.

Enable HTTPS

Enable HTTPS to secure connections to the Web Console. See Enable HTTPS.