Documentation Version: er2.0.28-docs-1.1

Agent Upgrade

To upgrade, re-install the Agent. See Install Node Agents for instructions for your Agent platform.

Agents do not require an upgrade unless a feature available in an updated version of the Agent is needed. Older versions of the Agent are compatible with newer versions of the Master Server.

Version 2.0.15 of the Linux Node Agent works with Master Servers running version 2.0.15 and above.

Upgrade your Agent to the corresponding Agent version to use the following features:

Feature Agent Platform Agent Version
Fix: Changing the Group that a Target belongs to while a scan is in progress would cause the scan to stop. All 2.0.28
Fix: Repeated connection attempts by Node Agents from IP addresses that are denied via Access Control List rules would cause the datastore size to increase very quickly. With this fix, additional timeout is introduced before each reconnection attempt, resulting in lesser logs and subsequently a reduced datastore size. All 2.0.28
Fix: Non-unique keys were generated in certain scenarios during Node Agent installation. All 2.0.28
Fix: Scans appeared to be stalling when scanning cloud Targets with a huge number of files. This fix will improve the time required for initialising cloud Target scans. All 2.0.28
Fix: Issue where Agent failure occurs if too many concurrent scans are assigned to it. All 2.0.27
Fix: Issue where an incorrect scan time is displayed in email notifications. All 2.0.27
Improvement: Clearer error message is displayed when Agent host has insufficient disk space for scan to start. All 2.0.27
Fix: Issue where when upgrading an RPM-based Linux Agent, the terminal would warn that that the symbolic link for "/etc/init.d/er2-agent" exists. Linux 2.0.27
Fix: Issue where scanning a PostgreSQL database containing blobs would cause high memory usage by the Agent. Windows, Linux 2.0.27
Feature: Users can now scan IBM Informix databases. Windows 2.0.26
Feature: Users can now scan SharePoint Online All 2.0.26
Fix: Issue where pausing a scan and then restarting the Master Server would cause the Master Server to lose track of the scan. All 2.0.26
Feature: Users can now scan Databases databases. All 2.0.24
Feature: Users can now scan SharePoint Server. All 2.0.24
Feature: Users can now scan Hadoop Clusters. Requires Linux 3 Agent with database runtime components. Linux 2.0.24
Feature: Users can now set the time zone when scheduling a new scan. All 2.0.23
Improvement: Global Filters now apply to all existing and future scheduled scans. All 2.0.22
Improvement: Changing the Proxy Agent assigned to a Cloud Target will no longer require user to update credentials with a new access key. All
Feature: Users can now probe Targets to browse available scan locations. All 2.0.21
Feature: Users can now install Agents in a custom location on AIX, Linux and Solaris. AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Fix: Issue where temporary binaries are not cleared when remote scans complete. AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
Improvement: Files are checked for changes since the last scan when remediation is attempted. All 2.0.20
Improvement: Windows Agent service is now a non-interactive process. Windows
Feature: Agent can be configured to use its host's fully qualified domain name (FQDN) instead of host name when connecting to the Master Server. All 2.0.18