Documentation Version: er2.0.28-docs-1.1

Install Node Agents

For platform-specific installation instructions, see:

For a complete list of supported operating systems (OS), see System Requirements.

For Windows and Linux hosts, use the appropriate Agent installers:

For Proxy Agents scanning remote Targets, refer to the requirements listed under their specific pages in Targets Overview.

Manage Node Agents

After installing the Agent, you must verify it with the Master Server before it can be used to scan Target locations. For more information, see how to Verify Agents.

For more information on how to view, delete and block agents, see Manage Agents.

(Optional) Master Public Key

The connection between the and Master Server is always encrypted whether or not a Master Public Key is specified when configuring the Node Agent.

What is the Master Public Key

The Master Server generates a Master Public Key which the Node Agent can use to further secure the connection between the Node Agent and the Master Server.

When a Node Agent is configured to use a fixed Master Public Key, it only connects to a Master Server using that Master Public Key. This mitigates the risk of route hijacking attacks.

Configure Agent to Use Master Public Key

The Master Public Key can be found on the Server Information page on the Web Console.

On Unix and Unix-like systems, configure the Agent to only connect to a Master Server that uses a specific Master Public Key with the -k flag. On the Agent host, run as root in the terminal:

er2-config -k <master-public-key>

On Windows, open the Enterprise Recon Configuration Tool and fill in the Master server public key field:

For detailed instructions to configure the Master Public Key for an Agent, see the respective Agent installation sections.