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ER 2.0.28 Release Notes


New MariaDB Database Support

In this release of ER2, MariaDB is now officially supported. Previously customers used a workaround to achieve MariaDB scanning, however it is now listed as an available database type within the scanning user interface. Customers using MariaDB can now expect full production support when submitting support tickets for this database type.

See Databases for more information.

Enhanced Permissions Architecture

ER 2.0.28 comes with a new User Permissions Architecture which enables Administrators to have more flexibility when assigning user permissions. Task delegation is now possible with:

See User Permissions for more information.

Improved Support for SharePoint and Microsoft SQL

With the updated SharePoint module, you can now easily scan all site collections within a SharePoint on-premise deployment. Furthermore, the new credential management scheme enables you to conveniently scan all resources in a SharePoint Server even when multiple access credentials are required.

The capability to scan SharePoint Online (Office 365) in ER2 remains fully supported for deployments of any size.

The process of scanning Microsoft SQL servers has also been greatly simplified with the capability to view and select a specific database, or all databases within a given SQL server as part of the standard ER2 UI workflow.

See SharePoint Server and Databases for more information.

Scan Amazon S3 Buckets Protected By Server-side Encryption

Sensitive data can exist anywhere, even in encrypted cloud storage locations. With ER 2.0.28, you can now scan Amazon S3 Buckets protected by Amazon Server-Side Encryption to discover and protect personal data at rest in your Amazon S3 Buckets.

See Amazon S3 Buckets for more information.

Account Security Features For User Identification Management

ER2 now offers additional security measures that allow compliance with stricter corporate security policies. Administrators can enforce account security rules including limiting repeated access attempts by locking out a user ID and setting a 30 minute lockout duration. In addition, password policies have been improved with a new minimum password complexity requirement and mandatory password resets every 90 days, to name a few.

See Security and Compliance Policies to learn more about the available account security and password policy settings.

Pre-Login Message Of The Day

Organisations now have the option to configure a login banner to be displayed before allowing users to sign in to the Web Console. Use the login banner to show users a message of the day, or to inform users on their legal obligations relating to acceptable use of the ER2 system.

See Legal Warning Banner for more information on how to setup and configure the login banner.


New installations of ER2 will now utilise CentOS 7, which features an updated kernel, improved security features, and enterprise-class maintenance and support that continues until June 2024.

Ground Labs will continue to support existing ER2 installations based on CentOS 6 until its end-of-life date in November 2020. The Ground Labs Support Team ( is available to assist customers who would like to migrate their existing installations to CentOS 7.

New and Improved Data Types

Storage of information relating to an individual's race, ethnicity or heritage may be inappropriate or completely prohibited and many organisations are required to validate if this has been or still is occurring across any data storage locations.

To meet this requirement, ER 2.0.28 introduces a new Ethnicity (English) data type to bolster GDPR and related requirements to enable detection of more than 400 types of data points related to race, ethnicity or heritage stored across your organisation.

Also included are two additional data types to assist customers looking for Romanian or South Korean personal and confidential details. For Romania, the Romanian national identity card number is now available and for South Korea, the corporate registration number (CRN) has been added.

Improvements have also been made for detection of South African ID and South Korean passport numbers.

For more information, see the Changelog below.


What's New?


Bug Fixes

Features that Require Agent upgrades

Agents do not need to be upgraded along with the Master Server, unless you require the following features in ER 2.0.28:

For a table of all features that require an Agent upgrade, see Agent Upgrade.