Enterprise Recon 2.0.27

Install the Master Server

To install the Master Server:

Download the Installer

The installer is a bootable ISO image that installs the Master Server on your machine.

  1. Log into the Ground Labs Services Portal.
  2. From the Home tab, go to the Enterprise Recon 2.0 section and click Download to download the Enterprise Master Package Appliance ISO file.

Run the Installer

  1. On your machine, load the ER2 installation media.
  2. (Optional) To check your RAM for memory hardware errors, select Memory Test and press Enter.
  3. Select Install Enterprise Recon 2.0 and press Enter.


  4. In the terminal, enter YES and press ENTER to proceed with the installation.

    You can configure your network interface with or without DHCP later during the installation.

  5. At Time-Zone Selection:
    1. If your system clock uses UTC, select System Clock uses UTC.

      To check if your system uses UTC:
      1. Press Alt + Right Arrow to switch to the terminal.
      2. Run the command hwclock.The terminal displays the current system time.

      3. Press Alt + Left Arrow to return the ER2 installer.
      4. If the time displayed when running hwclock is in UTC (see example below), select System Clock uses UTC. If hwclock displays the correct local time, do not select System Clock uses UTC.

        If hwclock displays 05:00:00, and the current time is 6 A.M. GMT+1, select System Clock uses UTC

    2. Select your time zone.
    3. Select OK and press Enter.


  6. Enter a passphrase that contains at least 8 characters and select OK.


  7. Package installation will start, and will take a few minutes.
  8. Once done, the installer displays the following prompt: Do you want to use DHCP to configure the network interface? (y/n).
    Enter either of the following and press Enter:

    Input Description
    y Installer automatically configures your network inferfaces using DHCP.
    n Manually configures the Master Server's network interface by entering:
    • IP address (e.g.
    • Network mask (e.g.
    • Default gateway (e.g.
    • Enter the first DNS server (the primary DNS server, e.g.
    • Enter the second DNS server (if not applicable, press ENTER to skip).
    To apply your settings, in Do you wish to apply these settings? (y/n), enter y.
  9. Once you've finished configuring the Master Server, press ENTER to reboot your system and complete the installation.


Activate ER2

Once the Master Server has restarted, log into the Web Console to activate ER2.