Enterprise Recon 2.0.27

Update ER2

Update the Master Server to the latest version of ER2.

See ER 2.0.27 Release Notes for a list of available features for the current version of ER2.


The Master Server needs to have:

  • Internet access.
  • Access to the Ground Labs update server at: https://updates.groundlabs.com:8843

Update the Master Server

  1. In the Master Server console, run as root:

    yum update
    The yum command checks for and displays all available updates for ER2 and the underlying operating system.

  2. Enter y to install available updates.

Offline Update

Offline updates are available for users who run ER2 in a heavily restricted environment.

Contact the Ground Labs support team at support@groundlabs.com to get the offline update package.