CARD RECON 2.0.25 Release Notes

New Data Types

  • New data type: TROY credit card numbers.

New Features

  • Added: Ability to scan ALZ archives.
  • Added: Ability to scan EGG archives.
  • Added: Ability to scan Hangul Word Processor (HWP) files.
  • Added: Ability to scan and mask XLS files.
  • Added: Amazon S3 Bucket scans now support AWS regions that require requests to be signed with Amazon Signature Version 4.
  • Added: Issue where JBIG2 encoded images in PDFs were not being decoded correctly.
  • Added: Support for reporting composite keys. NOTE: This does not add support for scanning composite keys.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issue where Amazon S3 Bucket scans would appear to fail because of an incorrectly entered scan location.
  • Fixed: Issue where Windows shared folder scans did not allow very long paths.
  • Fixed: Issue where XLSX files containing multiple worksheets would need to be remediated more than once.
  • Fixed: Issue where certain date formats contained in files would cause scan errors.
  • Fixed: Issue where custom search filters would change unexpectedly when repeatedly modified.
  • Fixed: Issue where file attribute custom search filters were not working for cloud Targets.
  • Fixed: Issue where scanning blobs in MS SQL Server would fail.
  • Fixed: Issue where scanning remote Targets that do not reside on a domain would fail.
  • Fixed: Issue where scans could not access Amazon S3 Buckets with names that contain periods.
  • Fixed: Issue where setting a date filter for Exchange scans would not work.
  • Fixed: Issue where some files were not being scanned in Amazon S3 Buckets.
  • Fixed: Issue where, in an XLS file, a series of adjacent cells containing digits would be detected incorrectly as credit card numbers.


  • Improved: CSV reports contain more detail.
  • Improved: Support for PST files.
  • False positives: Removed false positives that occur in Windows configuration files and certain temporary internet files.
  • False positives: Removed false positives that occur in python source files in Solaris SPARC systems.
  • False positives: Removed false positives that occur in Libre Office LICENSE.fodt files.